Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Who Is Hassan Malek

Hassan Ezzuddin Youssef Malek:

He was born on 20-8-1958
Postal address: 15 Abu Dawoud Al-Zaheri st.- Nasr City
His father was a successful businessman and owned factories for textile and ready-made clothes.
His family includes well-known merchants and manufacturers.
He started his practical life before his graduation with his father; he graduated from the Faculty of Commerce in 1980.

Salsabeal, the Biggest Computer Company in 1990s
He has established trade companies since 1983, the most famous was Salsabeal, the then biggest software and IT company.
In 1992, after Salsabeal became very famous, a fake case was fabricated and accordingly the company was shut down and more than 200 workers in the company became jobless because of the government's tyrant action.
He was thrown behind bars for a full year pending trial without directing any charge against him, except the reports of the State Security Police that had the same charges and weren't given to the court.

After he was released, he started again his business and established several companies that became the most famous in Egypt in several fields, including the furniture company "Istiqbal", "Al-Malabis Al-Jahiza" and "Sarar" and raw material business.
His businesses include more than 500 employees.

Meeting Trade Minister Rashid

He started negotiations to bring foreign, including Turkish, industrial investments to Egypt; he signed a contract for establishing a big factory for furniture in partnership with the most famous international furniture companies; he had a meeting with the Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry Rashid Mohamed Rashid and the Turkish delegation to sign the factory contract, one week before arresting him. The government tyrant decision of arresting him led to wasting investments up to millions of dollars.

Denied Pilgrimage

When Hassan Malek was going with his family to perform pilgrimage this year, he was prevented from traveling. His family was forced to go alone to Saudi Arabia, and at 1.00 AM he was arrested.


He is married to Mrs. Gihan Eliwa a graduate from the faculty of commerce, a housewife.
He has seven children:
Moaaz 22 years- born on 21/11/1984, a graduate from the Arab Academy for Sciences and Technology.
Khadiga 21 years- born on 16/1/1986- a fourth year student in the Faculty of Arts- Turkish Department- Ain Shams University.
Omar- 21 years- a student at the Arab Academy for Sciences and Technology- born on 16/1/1986
Hamza- 20 years- a student at the Arab Academy for Sciences and Technology- born on 22/5/1987
Ahmed- 16 years- a student in the High School Diploma- born on 29/8/1990
Anas- 11 years- born on 2/6/1994.
Aisha-10 years- born on 19/12/1996

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